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Locking a date field in Filemaker 13

Question asked by neilk on Dec 4, 2017
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Can anyone help me with what should be a simple fix but I'm struggling !


I have a layout to create an invoice and have set the invoice date field to be populated when the first line of the invoice is complete and this was working well but I then spotted a floor in this set up !


If I were to go into the first line of the invoice any time in the future it would then insert a new invoice date ( not good ).

I have added a " Copy invoice date field" which populates once an invoice has been sent and I have tried various "validation" calculations to revert the date field if changed but nothing seems to be working. - see attached


Example  Invoice Date COPY  < Invoice Date  ( I have this set up in the price fields and it works well. Price cannot change after invoice has been sent)


I don't have a NEW invoice button set up, as the new record is always created in another table and the invoice sent at the end, if that makes sense.


I have set up various other locks that use validation and they all work fine but I just can't get this one to work.


I was thinking about setting up a field called "Locked" and then a calculation that if that field has the word "Lock" the date can't change ?


Any help would be appreciated


Thanks Neil