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Changing the EC2 Instance starts hourly billing

Question asked by davidhead Expert on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by MaartenWitberg

Just flagging a warning for others. I have an AWS FileMaker Cloud annual subscription for a t2.medium instance type. I tried changing the instance down to t2.small to check if that reduces the charges but this has triggered a 'mismatch' of the instance with the licensing and caused a daily charge of about $26.


The disappointing thing about this is that there is no warning that changing the instance type causes a mismatch with the annual licensing and that it will have this gross billing effect. What if I were to want to increase the capacity of the instance? If I subscribe with one type of instance, am I stuck with that for the year? I thought there was flexibility in increasing and decreasing the instance type as needed? The only flexibility I can see is turning it on and off but that has no effect on costs.


What is the experience of others?