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Lookups and Field Display

Question asked by joelaw on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by joelaw

Down to only two glitches to resolve.  Using FMP15.


#1. I have 4 tables but 1 is not related to anything (worksheet).  There is a field that records the number of members present to a worksheet.  I am trying to print that field on my donations report but cannot get it to show up.  I have tried linking a relationship to the donations table from the worksheet.  Does not work.  I have tried portals and many other ways to get this field to print on the donations report but, no can do.


I am missing something but can't find out what?


#2. On my donations table form, I have a lookup for the member name.  When I add a new record request and enter data into the name field using a lookup the (RecordOpenState) goes from a 1 to 2.  The lookup forces it to be a modified record not a new record.  No other field on the form does this when data is entered.  I have a script that detects the RecordOpenState and ask to Save the record by entering  'yes/no' when the record is finished but only when the record has been completed.  When I enter a lookup name in the name field it ask to save record which requires an extra step before completing entry.  I don't want it to ask until the record is complete.  The script was from an online example I copied.  If I create a new record the script RecordOpenState = 1 and the script works as a NEW record until I do the name lookup which changes it to a 2.  It is no longer a NEW record so it ask to save at this point.  Is there a way to prevent the lookup from setting the RecordOpenState = 2 or a work around?


I can 'Split' this record (duplicate the record) if a member designates multiple amounts for different accounts on one check. I don't want to enter the rest of the data again so I duplicate it and clear only the amount and account.  The RecordOpenState is then set to 1 since I am not entering the name field again, and I never see the save record option again.


One way it ask to save the record twice and the other is doesn't ask at all.


This is my script:



I know that some of you can answer this for me.




Joe L.