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How to get the object name of a field that is not active?

Question asked by NBusch on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by user19752

On a layout each field has an object name like "fld.12". Each field label has a corresponding objectname like "txt.12". All field labels are like <<_::NameFamily>> and get there content from a TO named "_" that contains different language versions.


A variable $$export contains the objectnames of fields to export, so the list looks like




The placeholder for each field should show its position in this list, so I would use a construct like

Let ( [

field =GetObjectName (  Self );

lst = $$Export ];

MBS ( "List.ValueIndex"; lst; field ) + 1


Unfortunately there is no function "GetObjectname", so how do I get the object name of a field to use here?


I am aware that the same thing would work if I collected the fieldnames instead of the object names, but then I can't use the list to collect the corresponding labels at runtime, as FileMaker still doesn't have a function "Go to field (fieldname from calculation)".