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How to display connections in layouts

Question asked by celticguardian93 on Dec 5, 2017
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Hi, I'm working on an app for authors. It is basically a big storage space for all the details that go into characters (hair color, height, age etc) and locations (material used, location in the world, who built it etc). However, I'm adding features to help speed up the process like a name generator, a timeline to populate, and a map maker. Sorry about the confusing title by the way, I didn't want to use the word relationships because I didn't want people to misunderstand it from the start. So, in my character tab, I have mini tabs for the basic information, history, psychology (motivation, fears, conflicts) and, finally, relations. By relations, I don't mean between fields. I mean like family, friends, partners and colleagues. I want to have a table which displays all the people related to that character (not ALL of them of course, I don't want the guy who sold the character a loaf of bread once in there). So, in the Chronicles of Narnia, if I made a record for Peter, I'd want the portal to display Edmond as his brother, Susan and Lucy as his sisters, as well as Mr. Tumnus and Mr. and Mrs. Beaver as his friends. I'd also put an arrow to take me to each characters details if needed. Basically, I'm trying to keep track of the relationships between one of my characters and other characters. I have some VERY basic knowledge of relationships and portals so any help you could give would be much appreciated! Thank you for your time and your help in advance!