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I cannot find using a date field!

Question asked by juandent on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by juandent

I have a table with a Date field. I import records from a CSV file that contains dates in the format 3/9/2017 where 3 is the day and 9 is the month. The import seems to work because FileMaker displays the dates as 2017-09-03. But when I try to filter records based on this date field it says it does not find matching records.

In other words, I try finding by setting the field in find mode to 3/9/2017 and when pressing perform find I get No records match this criteria. If I try to search 2017-09-03 it complains about the format, that it should be like "24/7/2004".

Nothing works and I am puzzled...


Any help will be greatly appreciated!