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Find/Replace: find the exact set of words I am after in a calculation

Question asked by happyez on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by beverly

Hi everyone


I have a lot of text from articles piled onto one field, for me to go through one day and pick out quotes.


This isnt so much about whether that is the right thing to do, but rather, being able to plug in a search term and have FM go straight to those words in that field within that record.

Meaning: I am looking for the word "chiropractor" in one field within hundreds of records - I want to not only find which records contain that word, but also for FM to highlight that word and take me there. Similar to using a text document.


So far, if I do a find for "chiropractor" in a field, it will show all fields where that word appears, but will not take me to that word, if it is within 3000 or 4000 characters. I want to be guided to that spot where the word appears, and be able to then copy the text that word appears in, to paste into another document.


After making a custom dialog asking for the search word and then using Set Variable to make it $$find, I do

Loop » Go to Field [Field A] » Go to Record/Request/Page [first] » Perform Find/Replace [$$find]

The first record has "chiropractor" in it, but it appears halfway down the field, and Filemaker wont take me there.


I want the script to pause the Loop, take me to that point where "chiropractor" exists, and allow me to copy the text out.


How could I do this?