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Suppressing error messages in FM Go

Question asked by J_File on Dec 6, 2017
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I am slowly learning my way around FM Go, and really like some of the neat features it offers.


I have managed to go a number of things that I feel are important to overall user experience such as removing menu bars and basically locking it down so that I control what the user can do with buttons and scripts.


One thing that I have encountered is a rather annoying error message that pops up if no records are present on a certain layout. The layout in question is a list view, and it may very well be empty as I have scripts that pull information from the server onto the mobile version of the application, but until this has been done, a certain list view may very well be empty.


I wouldn't mind if the error message was short and succinct (i.e. it said something like Error - No records present). However the error message in question that I see on my iPad screen is:


Error - No records are present. To create a new record choose add record command. OK.


Any ideas how I can suppress this?