General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Testing

Discussion created by ambrogio on Dec 6, 2017
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While I was researching for a new hosting provider, I was confronted with a really intriguing question:


What will happen when the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force?


For the people that never heard about it, and without going into details (you can check them in the Home Page of EU GDPR ), this new law will create a big challenge for any software or app used to collect user data online.


We have only few months to go (until May 2018), but surprisingly even some big hosting company I use still heaven't spent a single though about it (well, except Tom who brought to light the question. Thanks bigtom


Apart of the complex story about liabilities, I have a very special doubt: one of the important part of this new regulation impose that individuals will have to be able to access their personal data and to delete, move or download them.


That means they will have to know their data are online.


While I am developing an app, there is a time slot where I usually work with real user data, for testing purposes.

Thats mean that customers personal data are effectively online, thus creating liabilities for the database owner.


But in this phase I am usually the only one who has access to the database (apart my client, and the hosting maybe).


So I am the "database owner"? I am the bad guy not respecting the new GDPR regulation?


Browsing this Forum I found only 2 entries about GDPR, with only few answers from other users.

Won't be the right time and place to ear some advice from Filemaker how to implement properly this regulation in a FM solution?