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Auto-Enter: Data and Calculated at the same time ?

Question asked by planteg on Dec 6, 2017
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I am wondering about the fact that one may select more than one options in the Auto-Enter tab:


On this page, the implemented logic goes against the conventions in that most of the time you can't select two options at the same time. Usually this is what radio-buttons are for. But that's not what my question is about.


The logic behind these choices is that you may select Data and Calculated value or Data and Looked-up value at the same time (it's not prohibited to do it). Since for both these three options the field will be get data at creation time (Calculated value has exceptions), what's the idea behind picking to options ? That is very tricky to say the least. No explanation is done in the documentation, and I couldn't find anything on the net. I tested this on 16.0.3, but my guess is that it has been the case with older versions.


Can someone bring some light on this mystery ?