WebDirect - "Sign Out" not working. Browser back arrow returns to active session.

Discussion created by user2147049 on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by lylacinc

On Filemaker Server 16 -- WebDirect :

Using the "Sign Out"  in the provided dropdown (on fmi/webd) returns me to the main webd page. However I am still "signed in".   Meaning, using the "Sign Out" does NOT terminate my session.  Also, if after signing out, and returning to the fmi/webd page, and reselect the same database, I am put into the initial Layout without being prompted to login again.  Also, if after using an FM layout and using the "sign out", I go to another website and then use the browsers back arrow, I'm returned to an active session as if I never left.  

It appears that, short of closing the browser, there is no way to have FMS immediately terminate a session.


I think the base question here is, 'What can be done to ensure a session is ended".  Naturally, relying on FMS's timeout feature is not acceptable.

Help !!