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Is FileMaker Web Direct a viable option for thousands of users?

Question asked by micahsorenson on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by micahsorenson

This is still in the planning phase but basically our company is thinking of making a "Customer Database", and for this we need the capacity to handle about 5,000+ users in record and up to 500+ concurrent users. We love the easy UI on FMP for creating solutions so we would like to keep this aspect in our solution if possible. What we are planning on is a way that a customer could sign up and enter information that we can reference for other uses, like for example they purchase a unit from our store we then tie the unit's ID with the customer, or they create a support ticket from the app we now can pull email, unit ID, name, address, etcetera, and put that information into the correct fields for easy support. Now I know all of that is manageable. The hard part is we also want this to be accessible by the customers for reasons I don't want to get into depth about.


I've been doing some digging around in the FM Community and other blogs searching for a clear answer on if there's a workaround FileMaker's Server/Web Direct's limited concurrent connections. From what I've seen it looks like FMP wouldn't be the best option for us, but the answer I'm looking for is could we keep the FMP DB for our display and information gathering, and use another software or programming tool for hosting the DB and handling customer connections, or would it just be best to go with a entirely different approach to this issue, and leave FMP to do small projects within the company.


We already have strong servers and bandwidth for hosting at our disposal. With a team that can implement these ideas I just need to know if FMP is still a viable option for this task.