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Experience on FM Go performance with limited server-side bandwidth.

Question asked by Contedia on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by wimdecorte

Hi all,


I have a potential customer whose requirements are ideally suited to us providing them with a FileMaker Pro desktop custom app to serve around 5 users in the office, but perhaps of more benefit, be used on iPhone and iPads through FM Go by around 10 remote staff. 

This wouldn't be all day, heavy use by remote FM Go users, just occasional form filling, customer acceptance (e.g. signatures), but critically taking photos fo work to be stored against the job files.  Normally, I wouldn't hesitate, but on this occasion, whilst the remote users may have a solid 4G signal, the bottleneck would be that the rural location of the head office dictates that they have a poor internet connection with literally no options to improve available and their outbound/upload speed is just 1Mbps.  So, I'm wondering whether anyone has experience of developing a system for external use using FM Go where the server may have had similar, limited upload bandwidth and what the performance was like...if even possible for remote users.

FM Cloud is, of course an option, but then, with all day use by the small number of head office users and a still poor download bandwidth of just 8Mbps available, I'm thinking we might exchange better performance for one group of users (FM Go) for worse performance and user experience for those office-based, heavier users.  Not to mention the usage costs for AWS, which SMEs seem to want to avoid in favour of running locally if possible.

I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts and experiences.