We are experiencing the fonts corruption in FM15

Discussion created by pushkraj on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by TonyWhite

We are experiencing the fonts corruption issues frequently. After fixing the fonts, those are broken again. Randomly changing the fonts from one fonts to another on all layouts of the files.
As we are hosting nearly 10+ files and problem started with one of the file and gradually passing on to other files subsequently on other days. Nearly we have 400 + tables throughout the solution.


We noticed in some of the threads people suggesting that if FM layout has 'Classic' theme available then FM15 is not more giving support to such Classic themes. But our problem is, there are certain custom themes we created from latest themes and applied to some of the layouts, infact all those layouts too are affected and the fonts are changed. So, we are having a feeling that, though we spend our time applying some builtin themes of FM 15, is there a guarantee that the fonts corruption will never happen again in future?


System Details::
SERVER: FileMaker Server Advanced 15 15.0.3
Client: FileMaker Advanced and Pro 15.0.3

Server OS: Windows Server 2012
Client OS: Windows 10

No of User: 25