Automated planting - please help voting (only 3 days left)

Discussion created by HOnza on Dec 7, 2017

Dear fellow FileMaker users and developers,


Would you mind helping me to support a project that can help to improve the world we live in and utilizes the FileMaker platform to do so?


It is a project of two brothers from Netherlands with which they engaged in competition called "Green-Tech Pioneers”, and you can vote for it as well. They have created the world’s first mobile system for automated planting and my company has helped them to make it work, with FileMaker involved.


I can’t share more details about how my company and the FileMaker platform is involved in this project yet, but the point is that it has the potential to make our lives better and you can support it with just a few clicks to vote for it in the online competition.


The competition web is all in Dutch, but here are some details in English:


It is a system that is able to fully automate the process of plant growing and you don’t need more than a few light “greenhouse” tubes and your own ideal recipe for growing the best tomatoes, paprikas or some exotic spices. You can just seed, connect a fertilizer tank, set up the parameters, and then you just watch your smart phone and see how your plants are growing up in any room, building, greenhouse, o wherever else depending on what and how much of that you want to grow. Even in your cellar or on Mars (a few years later).


Thanks to this system, you can cultivate anything in any place in the world. Tomatoes grown in desert, strawberries in a cellar? This system will make it reality. The plants grow in cells for which you simply set up all the environmental conditions and growth processes. Light amounts necessary for the growth, temperature, how often it should be watered and fertilized. You make the perfect conditions and your unique growing recipe and then just watch how the work gets done.


Planting will be made not only more efficient and cheaper but also more ecological with this system. At the time when population is growing faster than food production, climate changes harm food production and make it more expensive, mass usage of pesticides damages nature, harms our health, and kills bees, and the need to deliver food thousands of kilometers far pollutes our air, being able to grow healthy and nutritious groceries is invaluable. Is it possible to not support such project?


You can find more information about this way of planting, called City Farming, at http://24usw.com/gpcf


You can support the project at http://24usw.com/gpvt - vote by clicking on the "Stem" button. When you are finished with your voting, the button “Stem” will disappear.

We have also prepared a quick voting guide, which you can find at http://24usw.com/gpgd


Please don’t hesitate, you can vote only until this Sunday, the 10th of December!


Thank you for your support!


HOnza Koudelka