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Getting sub summary data for a found set into a related table

Question asked by mattc4p on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hey everyone.  After a few days of scouring this community and the web for a solution, I'm still stumped.  I will try and describe my problem in the most detailed way possible, and I appreciate any insights anyone here can provide me.


I have two tables:

TableSC: Shopping cart data, a large table of transactions.  The fields I'm concerned with here are Product ID (PID) and Quantity.

TableSKU:  A table with rows being PIDs and fields being individual SKUs (and the number of that SKU) that comprise that PID.  (In the future, there will be multiple TableSKU versions, and these tables should be easy to change based on changing SKUs and PID compositions).


Goal:  I need to populate TableSKU with the sum quantity of the PID that exists in TableSC based on a found set in TableSC (date range mainly).  With this, I will use the found sum quantity in calculations that total up the number of each SKU sold in a time period.


The tables are currently related by PID.  I have a layout for TableSC that I can easily see the sub summaries for the sum quantity for each PID.  These values of course change based on the found set (date range). 


In my TableSKU, I have a getSummary for the sum quantity in TableSC (with PID being the breakfield), which works, but the values don't change for the found set.  The sum quantities in TableSKU only show the sum for the entire data set. 


Thank you for taking the time to read.