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preserving Encoded text  filemaker to client server

Question asked by MAKALENG on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by fmpdude

Table::List is pipe separated list and by specification says

Each record type should be CR/LF terminated in a Windows/DOS environment 9 (record type being each line )



B|1|2|3|4 etc


i have tried the following by my client s server keeps bringing this response


after building that list i created xml calculation  that includes my  Table::List sent using insert from url curl

the server respond with :   record [H] has [137] fields and not [4] as required  meaning it reads it as 1 line


A:i have tried the following

  1. set field [Table::container,extEncode(Table::List,”uti-8”,3) ]
  2. export to temporary folder
  3. insert from url (target) Table::List1


B:set field[Table::list;substitute (Table::field;char(13);char(13) &Char (10))]

same response


any help will be greatly appreciated