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For or against repeating fields

Question asked by andyk3005 on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by JohnSindelar

There seems to have been substantial discussion on the merit or otherwise of repeating fields.  I have a solution which requires jobs to be allocated to field engineers.  The layout has three portals,

1. the engineers available on a particular day.

2. the jobs already allocated to the engineer selected in the first portal.

3. jobs awaiting allocation.


The first portal summarises the jobs allocated to the engineer by type and time of day .   The difficulty is that the user could only see the locations (postcode/zipcode) where an engineer was working (second portal) when the engineer was selected.  Therefore a horizontal display mirroring the contents of the second portal set below the summary was required.  Ideal for a repeating field.  Read through the job records by time slot and populate the repeating field.   The formating restrictions and layout prevented me using this option and i reverted to single fields.  Much more work and  I ended with a script ten times longer than it should have been with extra overhead.   The problem is not with the concept of repeating field but with the way that they are rendered onto the layout and the functionality associated with it. 


As an alternative how about a horizontal portal?