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Secure Application with Key

Question asked by cynthiablue on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by cynthiablue

I have finished (mostly) writing my application and have given a couple of copies to people to help me test.  Currently, I'm uploading the packaged files (pkg in Mac made with Packages, and an exe installation made in Inno Setup on Windows) to SendOwl, and that allows people to download the install files and run the Runtime Application on their laptops.


My application is entirely desktop/laptop based.  It's pretty much how it's done in the dog sport secretarial world.  I may try to make it online eventually, but for now, people will pay a base price for the software, download and install it, and then will pay for yearly updates as rules change and the application needs to be modified, or bugs are fixed.  So I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced.


So my question is this... what's the best way to keep people from saving the Runtime files onto a thumb drive, or uploading them, and sharing them with others? 


In various applications, the seller seems to provide a key that, when plugged into the software itself, it reads that key and then the software runs. I don't mind providing a 14-day trial version that works... then disabling the software after that... but I'm not sure how to do that either.  SendOwl allows for a limited number of downloads with a download key... but doesn't seem to be able to stop people just sharing the files.


I don't have different levels of users.  The person who buys the software will be able to use the entire software application. 


I've been reading about security a little but I don't know if I've really found anything that applies to my situation.  I'd love if someone could direct me to more information that applies to my situation, or could help me out with informtion.


Also... it appears that I need to become a licensed Apple Developer to be able to have the software install seamlessly on a Mac.  Looks like that's $99 per year to get?  I have to read more about that too. I wasn't planning on having it installed from the Apple Store... but I could include that probably.


Thanks for any help.