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Data Separation and more: need suggestions

Question asked by vincer on Dec 7, 2017
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Well, I tried my first experience using data separation applied to a complex medical solution.

Followed suggested guidelines: duplicated the solution, named one file as Solution_App and the the other as Solution_Data..... I maintained on Solution_App those tables whose fields rarely change and in Solution_Data those tables where the user add and/or modify records. Checked a few times with utility software (like Base_Elements) and cleaned the tables occurrences that are not needed....a few hours are gone .

The result: the relationship graphic is much busier in the Data file compared to the App file, in other words just the opposite of what I would wish to justify using data separation.

I know, there are many Data tables with occurrences linked together (for example used in portals) and many fields are calculated..... therefore those occurrences remain in the Data file.

For example, Main_table has patients main data (name, address, phone, etc), which is linked to many other tables with specific data of clinical examinations, each table with calculated fields, and of course the user need to add records in all of them...I wished all those data to belong to the Data file but that produces that all those table occurrences remain in the Data file while the App files is almost empty :-(


So.... here is the "real" question (I know it is "a general question"): what is the programming strategy I should use to have a cleaner Data relationship graphic and a busier App file graphic ?

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P.S.: application should run on server with clients primary on computer but I might be also used as stand-alone in one computer outside the office.