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'send mail' with attachment?

Question asked by TomPingel on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2017 by TomPingel

Using FM 13 advanced, mac OSX 10.12.6, a 'send mail' script step with an attachment, using the 'email client' option, sends the message but ignores, or does not include the attachment.


Script sequence:

I use 'Insert File' to store the file reference for the attachment into a container field.

I use 'set variable' to define $attachment equal to the container field.

I specify an attachment in the 'send mail' script step using $attachment as the 'File Reference':


send mail (Send via Email Client,No Dialog,To:<text field>,CC:<text field>,Subject:<text field>,Message:<text field>,"$attachment")


Message goes, but without the attachment, and returns error code 0.


What do I need to do differently to get the attachment to go with the message?