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Import Records (Run on Server) Error 100

Question asked by deninger on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by philmodjunk

I have been trying to import a file on a server-side script and am running into an Error 100 (file is missing).


A search of this forum finds a few suggestions, but none appear to apply. I don't run any scripts upon login or attached to layouts with a trigger so there are not any incompatible steps causing issues. The file is a .csv and not a .xlsx so that is not the issue. The file has full read-write permissions, so that is not the issue...


I am fairly certain that it is simply my path not resolving. My difficulty stems from this being a hosted server for which I do not have shell access. I do have a scratch directory off of the root of the server's drive  /scratch/ (MacOS X Server).


The file I am trying to import was placed in the directory using the following script:


set variable [$fetch ; value: BE_SaveURLToFile ($leieFileURL ; "/scratch/UPDATED.csv" )]


and the file exists after this is done (I have FTP access to the directory).


So I think that the problem is that I am incorrectly defining the path. I have tried:




"/FM Server #23/scratch/UPDATED.csv"

"filemac:/FM Server #23/scratch/UPDATED.csv"


None of which actually resolves and succeeds to import the records. I can think of no other ways to define the path...


Any insight would be appreciated!