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I have FM pro 13 on two office MacBook computers.  They connect via Dropbox.  I've got conflicted copies of my data that I'd like to figure out how to merge and dispose of unnecessary versions.  How do I do that?

Question asked by jeffhergenrathermd on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by dogkahlua

I hope to find out how to clean up a bit of a mess of conflicted versions of my data in FM pro 13.  I'm only trying to keep a one page, no frill file of patients with name, address, phone numbers, DOB, first visit, subsequent visit, next visit date, and an attached file from their visits.  Accidentally when both computers were entering data I ended up with conflicted data names on different files.  I'd like to have just one file of all data but now I've got at least two.  I'd like to merge the data and work with one version only.