Printing Issue – page range a record range conflict

Discussion created by keywords on Dec 10, 2017
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I have found a conflict in print dialog which seems odd, and perhaps points to a FM bug. The setup is as follows:

1.     I need to print an envelope for all records in a found set—I have an envelope graphic that prints along with the address details

2.     For some reason, even though I specify the envelope size in Print Setup, when it goes to the printer my printer does not recognise the print area as a single page, and wants to print a small part of the graphic on a second page

3.     I adjust the print setting as shown below, to print all records but only page one of each—result: I get the envelope printed one side only, but only the first record is printed
Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 11.00.35 AM.png

4.     I have tested this with two other setups. The first test is printing a List layout with these settings—prints as expected, just the first page but including all the records that fit on that page. The second test was a Form layout with content that runs over more than one page—result is as per point 3 above.

So it seems that if there is more content than can fit on a single page, of whatever size, you cannot use these settings to print just the first page for multiple records. In these circumstances, the page range option appears to override the record range option.

NOTE: I have been able to overcome the problem by creating a custom page size of the same dimensions as the envelope; my printer then accepts the whole graphic as a single page, which means I don't need to constrain the page range. Nevertheless, this would not overcome a need to, say, print only one page of a multi-page document for multiple records.


Any comments, anyone?