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Can custom formatted date fields be glitchy in FM 15?

Question asked by phyv on Dec 10, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by phyv

Hi everyone, I am new to the FM community. I've learned alot from reading your posts, thank you. But now I have a general question that I don't see on here, so I would like to ask.


I just inherited what looks to my inexperienced eyes like an elegantly designed hybrid architecture. It's for a marketing, manufacturing, and R&D company.


My problem is that a date entered into a date field on one layout is not populating into three date fields on a standardized insurance form. The date is entered using a drop-down calender on the first layout. Then it is supposed to split into a 2 digit month field, a 2 digit day of month field, and a 2 digit year field on the standardized insurance form. But it is not. Nothing shows up in the insurance form date fields. I doubt you can even begin a diagnosis based on this info alone, what I'm asking is if inside of a complex architecture, where for example the standardized form in question is referenced in 5 table occurrences in three separate groups, it may be a better practice to write a script as opposed to using a custom formatted date field for the purpose that I described above. Thanks again.