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Filemaker attendance and payments

Question asked by HashirRaja on Dec 10, 2017

Hi, I'm creating a student management database that tracks payments and attendance. It is for a non-profit organization. Due to this, they need something simple.


Each student will need to make a monthly payment as well as have daily attendance. For the payments, I have a seperate payments table as well as a main students table. I have them linked with student ID. So the payments table will be used to enter many payments. I will then see this through a portal on the students table.


The issue I'm having is, the organization wants to enter payments as simple as possible with least time used. What they want to do is, use index cards that they are already using to monitor attendance. Each student has their own index cards. Every month, a person will logon the database and enter the attendance for each student for that month. They want this to be simple as seeing all active students list in rows with the months from Jan to Dec across in columns. They they want to check payments for each student with a button as they go down the list for the specific month.


The question is, with the way they want to do this, I would need to create a payment record for each student for that specific month with a script when they press submit. This can take some time depending on how many students.

I would imagine it would loop through the active students then create in the payments table a new record. Is this the best way to do it?  This will be same way they want daily attendance to be done. They cannot enter the data right away as sometimes there is no one in the office.


I'm sorry if this is had to understand.