WebDirect Script Trigger Oddness with Handheld Scanner

Discussion created by cji_paygo on Dec 11, 2017
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Hello FMmers.


We're having an odd behavior that I'm not quite sure where to look for answers.

We have a number of customers using our product on WebDirect on FileMaker Cloud (1.16).


On the sales screen, we have a Item Search field that triggers a script to run on OnObjectSave. The script essentially searches the product table, finds the item and if there's an exact match, it then adds the item to the sale.


Our users use scanners to scan barcodes that then put in the ItemID into the search field. A scan triggers the search and adds the item to the sale.


We've been finding with one of our customers that often when scanning, the script triggers, the item is added to the sale and oddly, the scanned number is put back into the search field.


We have found that if we clear the browser cache, this oddness goes away, but comes back again. Clearing the cache all day long isn't an option for our customers.


We have also have found that if we hand enter the item id using the keyboard, we can't seem to replicate the issue. We've tried various scanners... same issue.


I've reviewed, and triple reviewed the scripts and at the end of the script, I AM clearing the search field.


I don't think this is a script thing. It seems to be some WebDirect issue, however I don't even know where to begin.


Anyone have any ideas?