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Broken Import on Development Server?

Question asked by epace on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2017 by epace

Hello people, here is the situation I am in. We have 2 servers with Filemaker Server installed on them. One is used with our Live data, and the other is used for Development and Testing. We can play around in the files on that server all we want without breaking our Live Data. This is especially useful for programming new layouts and such before putting them in the live server to make sure everything works like what we want and doesn't break anything.


We take the backups of the live data every so often, or when we need to recover something, and take those files on our Development server. On the Development server though, the scripts we have that import records from one table to another don't work with "Found Set" feature. Let me explain in detail here:


We have a layout we are using for Sales Orders. We have a portal that is linked to the items that go onto the Sales Order, because you can have multiples of the same items on a Sales Order. We have a script that creates a Packing List based on the Sales Order. This is so our Warehouse guys can pull the available items and/or let our Sales guys know if there are parts that are needed to be ordered before it can be shipped. The script to create the Packing List imports the items from the Sales Order Items into a new layout that has additional steps available. In the Live Server, this works flawlessly. In the Development Server, this import actually imports every single item that we have that COULD be in the Sales Order. No changes to the script, just different physical servers.


Can anyone guide me to what might be wrong on our Development Server, or what we need to change to get things to work the same on both Servers? We should not have to change the scripts themselves to work, as they are not server-side scripts.