Open URL with a variable

Discussion created by emilyraynor on Dec 12, 2017
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I am trying to create a button on the FileMaker record that opens a corresponding folder on a server. FileMaker is running on Mac OS and the server is a Windows server.


Is it possible for Open URL to use a variable (from a field) in the URL (file path)?


I tried to calculate the path to the folder on the server based on a value in a field, however the variables do not populate with values. Instead they continue to display the variable names in the open URL dialog.



Open URL [ "afp://SERVER IP ADDRESS/TRG Projects/Project File Server Locations::Range/Project File Server Locations::_4_digit_Job_No."]


The two variables are:

Project File Server Locations:: Range


Project File Server Locations::_4_digit_Job_No.