Year-End Sale: 25% off + a New Version of DayBack Calendar

Discussion created by JohnSindelar on Dec 12, 2017
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Get up to 25% off on all SeedCode add-ons during our year-end sale. (If you already have some SeedCode, upgrades and extensions to your in-app updates are also on sale.)


New Version of DayBack Calendar

The new version of DayBack adds the ability to calculate events styles in FileMaker. You wouldn't necessarily use it to style something as busy as the screenshot below, but you can now add icons and color code them based on calc fields in your tables:



Also new in this update: you can also now change the expiration date after a shared view is created, and share more events than those currently in your view.


Need More?

All SeedCode templates are on sale including DayBack Calendar, ProMaps (with routing now built-in), GoZync, and the SeedCode Complete starter solution (which includes DayBack).


Please get in touch if you have questions about one of these templates might make a difference for your or your customers. We're here to help.


- John