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Unique Count of related tables

Question asked by sam0723 on Dec 12, 2017
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hi, i am new to filemaker. i am working on the report of course attending by student.

The relationship of the tables are Student-> Course Attend-> Line item<- Course

So my report is based on the line item TO. The report format is shown as follow


subsummary part by studentname = studentname

Body = course


So the user would like to have numbering before the student name so that they will know how many student have attended courses within a year


But my report is based on the line item context, is that possible to count the student name

e.g. 1 John



       2 Mary



.... and so on


I have tried to create a summary field and calculation field to count, but the value is 1 for all student. It may be because the context is line item. Is there any ways to count number of student? Is SQL a possible way to do that?


i am using filemaker 15