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16.03 - Manage Layouts odd behaviour

Question asked by fxdb on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by TSGal

Product and version: FileMaker Pro Advanced 16.0.3

OS and version: Windows 10 - 1709

Browser and version:NA

Hardware: Probably not relevant i7 6700k, 32gb ram




So today I went into Manage layouts and noticed that a few of my layouts where in incorrect folders, inadvertently, I ended up deleting something like 50 layouts rendering the file useless, but I have a strict backup routine so, no issues there.  However, it is how it happened that bothers me.


I moved a selection of layouts and sub-folders out of their parent folder, to root, leaving some behind, followed by closing that folder.  I then duplicated a divider (any layout behaves the same)  for use in tidying it up a little.


At this point, the layouts all moved back into their original folder, undoing the changes I had just made, so I opened the folder again. I then selected the single divider I had just duplicated (which must have been selected singular, to duplicate just that) and chose delete.


The divider was removed but also all of the layouts (and only those) that I had previously moved, and yes they where gone, not hidden elsewhere.  I think that along with the divider, the original group also became selected (somehow) and all the layouts where deleted, but I don't recall the dialog box stating anything other than 1 layout to be deleted.

Also, If they where still selected from the previous move step, then I would have duplicated them all, but I didn't.


How to replicate - At least one part can be replicated as follows:

Open Manage Layouts

Open a folder and select multiple layouts / folders, in my case, there are sub-folders and dividers contained within.

Drag them to the bottom and then slightly left, so they move out of their parent folder

Close the original folder

Next select a single Divider or layout

Click on Duplicate


The layouts / folders moved previously will revert back to their original positions


I am still trying to replicate the deleting behaviour, I had done more things in Manage Layouts prior to this moving etc, but trying to retrace my steps so far hasn't yielded any results, so I guess the deletion of the layouts has to be put down to user error.