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Access Filemaker data

Question asked by arnorbld on Dec 13, 2017
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Hi all,


I need to access a Filemaker database and retrieve data from it for conversion into a SQL Anywhere database.  I do not have Filemaker but it looks like there is an ODBC driver which I could use.  However I tried to install one of them yesterday and it did not install (no error messages, the install window just closed half way through and that was it) and the driver does not show up in my list of ODBC drivers.  I do not have Filemaker and would rather not have to purchase it for the only purpose of accessing the data.  The current database is with a company that is going out of business and  a client of mine has agreed to purchase their data.


Is it possible to get the ODBC driver for Filemaker or is there a way to export or migrate the data that I could perhaps talk them through?


Best regards,


Arnor Baldvinsson

Icetips Alta LLC