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Stripe and FM - Pass cURL options using BE_HTTP_Get

Question asked by Siroos Jafary on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by Siroos Jafary

Hi everybody,


I tried to use the native insert from url function of FM to post cURL requests to Stripe API with no success.


So I decided to use BE_HTTP_Get function of BaseElemet plugin.


The problem is that this function only accepts  filename, username and password as function parameters.


My question is how do we pass cURL options with this function of BaseElements plugin? To be more specific, I am trying to to pass the date option of the API to force the API to return only today's data.


How do I add the "date" option to my get request?


Here is the link to the Stripe API:


Stripe API Reference


Note that there a few options on date option. My focus is on "gte" which return values where the date field is after or equal to this timestamp.


I recon that mikebeargie had a great instructions on integrating Stripe with FM but I could not find my answer following his method, so I am mentioning his name here to ask for his advise.


Thanks all. Really appreciate your input.