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Do's & Dont's before Server Migrate to New Host

Question asked by Suresh on Dec 14, 2017
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Hi All,


Required do's & dont's before migrate Server to new Host.


Searched & Watched related questions, but mine slight differ!


My company has 7 plants, In One top business city has 3 sub-plants.


I installed my FileMaker Server in Sub-plant B,

Now I want to install in Sub-plant A(Head Plant).

My SP-B users shouldn't get affect while i migrate my server to SP-A.

Gonna install same FMP12A on SP-A.


Required do's & dont's help and Suggestions most welcomed!!


Present Servers Configuration Detail :


FileMaker Version : FileMaker Server 12 Advanced

(SP-B) Windows Server Version : Windows Server 2008 R2

(SP-A) Windows Server Version : Windows Server 2008 R2


- Suresh