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How to allow formatting bar on client machine.

Question asked by on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by beverly

Hello FM community,


I have quick question about the "Allow formatting bar <on/off>".


I have a portal which shows some records and edit button, When user click the edit button, new window open which allows user to edit the record.


I wanted user to see the formatting bar on to as well. So my script is something like this.

<capture the ID of clicked record>

<New window>

<Do find on the captured ID>

<Allow formatting bar (on) >


This works but as long as I check the formatting bar by going to View->formatting bar.

<Allow formatting bar> script will not work if the formatting bar is not checked.



My solution is hosted on serve, so many people use it. But they don't see the formatting bar. I have to give access to users to view the <Menu bar> so they can tick the formatting bar. I don't want to give user an access to menu bar.


If we viewing the formatting bar from View menu what is the point of <Allow formatting bar> script.


Also how can I get user to view the formatting bar. I use the script step but I don't want user to keep having to click the view->formatting bar.


I want user to see the formatting bar all the time on this specific layout.


Many Thanks.