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Multiple find ranges on single layout

Question asked by tonyhavard on Dec 14, 2017
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I would like to place multiple scripted find requests on a single layout.  Currently, I have the first find request operational by the use of Start_date1 (Global Field) and End_date1 (Global Field) with a calculation field DateCon (Start_date1&"..."&End_date1).  The goal is to get a summary of hours between the two dates, however, I require up to

five possible occurrences of these find requests on one final report.  I have installed a "Find" button to run a find script

once the dates are entered into the Start and End date fields.  Script is as follows:

Enter Find Mode[]

Set Field [Date Range::Date; Detail Range::Start_date1&"..."&End_date1]

Perform Find[]


Any help to complete this would be appreciated.