FileMaker Server 16 Disaster Recovery Hacks - Share yours too!!

Discussion created by JoshuaPaul on Dec 14, 2017
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Video Here - Two Key FileMaker Server 16 Disaster Recovery Tips - YouTube


These disaster recovery hacks are for Windows deployments. I haven't seen them documented.


Please post your disaster recovery hacks!!!


;tldr - backup your preferences and your install folder




Disaster #1 - FileMaker Server 16 Service won't start after reboot


Issue - dbs_config.xml empty


Solution - schedule backup of the preferences folder and replace as needed.



Disaster #2 - FileMaker Server 16 WebDirect 404 error


Issue - WebDirect failure detected by our checker - GitHub - neocodesoftware/NeoCode-WebDirect-Check: Check if your Web Direct server is running okay and receive email warn…


You try rebooting and server redployment and still get 404.


Solution - Reinstall - but this time take a zip or 7zip - of your FileMaker Server install folder. Then next time this happens - you can quickly recover by replacing with the zip.



These are not fixes. These hacks are not recommended. Any death, injury or damage are at your own risk - your server may burst in to flames and your databases evaporate. You have been warned. Always follow recommended FileMaker protocol as documented in the documentation on the documentation pages by official documenters.