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FM 16 with Web Viewer with html file input

Question asked by kerkness on Dec 15, 2017
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We have a FM 16 solution running on FM 16 Server which is accessed from three different office locations.   Part of the solution includes a web viewer which loads a very basic HTML page with a form and File Input field.  This allows users to upload files from their local workstation to a remote web server.


The File Input field will not open a dialog to select a local file ONLY on two specific clients running in one location.


The database itself has been migrated over the years from FM 11 through to FM 16.   In our migration to FM 16 we first migrated the server to FileMaker 16 and then later upgraded the clients.   The FM 15 client still works on these machines, and the FM 16 clients work on a dozen other workstations.


We have verified privileges and this doesn't appear to be the issue.  The issue only occurs on specific workstations regardless of what user is logged in.


Could FileMaker's new privileges behave differently on a different workstation?