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Importing Email into FileMaker,  Anti-Virus scaning?

Question asked by BruceHerbach on Dec 15, 2017
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I'm working on a database that will pull company e-mail with attachments into a FileMaker database.  Once the e-mail is imported scripts scan the From, To e-mail addresses and the subject and connect the e-mails to contact, clients, leads and projects.


My question and concern is how to handle attachments that have viruses in them?  The database is hosted so I can't scan it directly. The company that hosts the Exchange server doesn't scan/eliminate viruses on the server.


The attachments,  Word Docs, PDFs will be viewable in an interactive container field on a layout.  There will be a button that will export the attachment to the desktop.


Suggestions on how to protect the company from malicious attachments would be greatly appreciated.



Development is being done using FileMaker 16 FMS version running on an AWS EC2.  Clients are FileMaker Pro  and Pro Advanced 16  version 


Back ground information:

This is a second generation of this portion of the database.  In the first generation,  we only brought in the text of the email, subject and address/header information.  The script moved the e-mail to a permanent storage folder on the exchange server.  When staff wanted to read the e-mail, view the attachments or reply an Apple Script opened the e-mail in Mail and the desktop anti-virus program took care of any viruses in the e-mail and attachments.   The email portion of the database has been on operation since 2013 and so far this has prevented viruses from infecting the company.


I'm sure they get a lot of e-mails with viruses.  Most of these are spam.  I have a development e-mail account on the exchange server.  Last time I checked the e-mail there was in developing version one.  Yesterday I had my regular e-mail program connect and download the e-mail there.  Actually expected 0 e-mails.  Ended up with about 25 or so e-mails and 11 viruses.   My anti-virus program started to report and eliminate the viruses before I event took a look at the list.


Thanks very much for the help.