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Need ideas to start with !

Question asked by yacik89 on Dec 15, 2017
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I've been using Filemaker so 6 years and trying to improve myself watching FM videos and making some basic databases.


We have Quad bike rental company organising tours. We have walk-in clients, local hotels and travel agencies to work. As you know each of these client types have different prices.


We have a reservation notebook that when we sell or when hotels and travel agencies sell a tour, each is noted down. Also our sunset tour is quite popular that all people wait for a specific time of day to start the tour.


When a hotel or a travel agency sell a tour, they generally pay us their purchase price. However, this payment sometimes can be in a month. So I want to see the balance. Sometimes they want their clients pay us directly and this means I have to have a balance that I will pay the remaining after purchase price is taken. They come and take their commissions.


We check the reservation and we take them from their locations.


What I want to create is:


  • I want to have a reservation list to see which seller sold how many ATVs and people. This is collected during the day. Before the tour I want to see this list to make picking people up easier.
  • I want to see how much I make for each day.
  • I want to see each hotel or travel agency to have a balance page that shows me who took the payment and how much is taken. This way I can have a balance I think.
  • I want to have a part of this database for payments between companies. For example, when a hotel sells a tour and its purchase price is 10€ for sunset tour, I want to see that hotel's balance showing me that they will pay me 10 €. Also, If the hotel sells and I get the payment ( let's say hotel sold the tour for 15€), the hotel's balance page has to show me that I will pay them 5 € as the tours purchase price for this hotel is 10 €.


I don't know if I'm explained good but this is my case and I want to know where to start.


Thanks in advance for your time.