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Layout Object corruption:  Print Sliding

Question asked by justinc on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by justinc

FMPa 16.03

OS X 10.11.6


I ran into an issue with print sliding that I think was caused by a corrupted layout object.  I did quick skim of the XML for that object (compared to an object that was behaving correctly), but I didn't notice anything obvious - but then I don't think that I saw any sliding info in either XML object.  I probably just missed it.


The story starts with a layout that had problems with an object that didn't collapse/slide-up correctly in Preview mode.  The settings shown in the Inspector appeared to be correct, but it wasn't sliding.  Another object on the same layout that had the same Sliding settings was correctly collapsing up.


I was able to fix the issue by copying the formatting of the working object and pasting it onto the non-working object.  After some tweaking of the formatting things started working fine again.


I created a demo file, new using FMPA 16.03 (attached to this posting).  I have also included some screenshots that show the misbehaving object, and the modified copy of that object that is now behaving.  The original file was created...back in 12 I think - but maybe it was as old as 11.  I couldn't tell you what the original theme was, but currently the layout has a custom Theme defined.  The demo file uses the Enlightened theme.


I'm not really sure where the bug that I am reporting might exist - either in a file conversion process (if the object is that old), or perhaps just in some other layout editing process that caused the object to become corrupted.  It seems that I have run into corrupted objects a number of times on different layouts, and that either copy/pasting some formatting or just recreating them from scratch gets them working again.  But it's frustrating to have to spend the time to troubleshoot and track down that the issue is just a corrupted something - the fix isn't necessarily that difficult.