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What event requests external file to open?

Question asked by mdiehr on Dec 17, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2017 by beverly

FileMaker server 14v6 on Mac.


I have a database solution containing two files, let's call them foo and bar, with two access levels, Administrator and Staff.


Staff only have account on the Foo file, whereas Admin has a full access account for both files.


When logging into the Foo file as Staff, I'm finding that FileMaker is putting up a dialog box asking for the password to Bar.    Since Staff don't have an account, they have to hit Cancel.    This never used to happen, but now it does, and obviously some change that I made to the database design is causing this to happen.  Unfortunately I didn't notice this happening (and staff didn't tell me) so it may be something I changed more than a year ago.


File options for foo are set to open with a particular layout which is based on a Table Occurrence (TO) named Globals which should not have any relationships to any of the Bar TOs.  File options run a Login script as well, which does reference TOs or fields which reference bar TOs but these script steps are not called when logging in as the staff account.


I've tried stepping through the code using the debugger but I can't figure out why this is happening.   (Possible complication: The file actually forces a login in as guest and then immediately forces a re-login script step.)  The dialog box asking to open the bar file happens the step after the re-login step, which appears to be when the layout showing onscreen goes from "no access" to being visible to the staff user.   


So it looks as if what's happening is this:   the Globals Layout is referencing a Globals TO, and something about that TO is somehow referencing the bar file, causing it to open.   However I can't find that chain of connections which would cause it.


My question:   what specific circumstances would trigger FileMaker to request opening the bar file when logging into the foo file?


Could it be:

  • Presence of any TO for bar anywhere in the foo file's relationship graph?
  • Navigating to a Layout based on a TO that references a table that has field calculations based on the bar file?  (Whether or not those fields are contained on the layout?)
  • A script which has a Go To Layout command which goes to a TO which references the bar file (whether or not that script step is executed?)
  • A script which has a Set Field or Set Variable command which references the bar file (whether or not that script step is executed?)
  • etc.