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Data Structure and Reporting Issue

Question asked by mikeo'neil on Dec 16, 2017
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I have a solution that complies a list of large problems and a list of suggested corrections per the category. My question is going to pertain to displaying this in a report by Category with suggested Corrections that may one to several pictures, and a suggested way to create the Report that displays Client info with the Related Category, Corrections, and photos?


  1. ie. A house has many issues that need correcting. These issues are placed in a general category such as Appearance, Roof, Windows, Lawn, and Pool…


In the Appearance category, the suggested corrections might be;

  1. )  Pressure Clean the house using 2% bleach solution.
  2. )  Scrub the house walls with mold remover fluid.

In the Windows category, the suggested corrections are;

  1. ) Remove tape from windows
  2. ) Use Windex to clean
  3. ) Use graphite lube on movable parts


There might be one to multiple Categories listed with their corrections & photos.


I have a table that has Main Category per record. In that table I have a Portal where I create the Suggested corrections text statement to a line item table. This works fine.


I am struggling with how to deal with having a picture that may be a single picture or several per Category? I would like to be able to display the picture on the right side of the Correction statement. Should I create another line item Table linked from the Corrections table to store the photos?


So I have a Client Table with clients name/address.

I have the Category Table that lists a Single Category that is linked to a Corrections Table.

So how do I link the Client Table to the Category with Corrections & Photos to display?


I am attaching a rough draft report.


Thanks, Mike