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Conditional Count in Same Table

Question asked by cpking on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by davidhead

I keep thinking this should be simple, but I've not found a good way to do it, despite lots of searching and experimentation.


I have a table with a couple hundred records for a conference registration. There are two things I'm trying to count across the entire database (one table only).


In a layout (typically used for printing), I'd like at the top of the page to appear a count of dropdown field for registration type (i.e., Standard, Speaker, Staff, Comp, etc.). So in the layout it would look something like:


Standard: 129

Speaker: 12

Staff: 8

Comp: 3


I'd also like another, similar field in the same layout that shows a count of paid registrations (i.e., Standard and Speaker combined) based on another field called Registration Fee. If the field is greater than zero, count it.


Any help is appreciated. This is not simple like I thought....