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Printer does'nt work reliable under High Sierra 10.13.x

Question asked by mitogenese on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by mikebeargie

Dear all,

I haven't found a solution yet to get our office printer toshiba e-Studio 255 to work correctly with our FM16 environment. Before upgrading to High Sierra everything worked nicely. Now I can use the printer for every other software, ie. Office, Mac Numbers, Browser, whatever, but FM 16 makes weird things. Once newly installed printer driver + newly started FM Solution results in 1 or 2 prints which work correctly, the next print resuts in an ERROR: invalidfont, OFFENDING COMMAND: $definefont.


So actually nobody can print reliably with this printer anymore, because after some time it simply stops with this error.


What can I do about that?