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Need some suggestions on a procedure design.

Question asked by mikeo'neil on Dec 18, 2017
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FMA 16.03


The database function is to provide a homeowner a single report (multiple pages in length if needed) that will list problem areas and suggested corrective actions are the basics. I have about 60 Problem Categories, and each Category has multiple Corrective Actions for that Problem Category. All Corrective Actions are in the same Table.



  • I would like to display each Problem Category title on a screen that has checkbox’s the user can check. There would be at least 60 categories that need to be displayed.
  • User then selects which Problem Categories the homeowner has.
  • Then selects a button to create the Corrective Actions in a line item table.


Basically, the procedure would duplicate the Corrective Actions for the selected Category into another line item Table, linked to the Client>Correction Plan. Running the Sub summary report will allow me to list the Categories and Corrective Actions.


Tentative structure will be Client > Correction Plans > Problem Category’s > Corrections


What is the preferred method to duplicate the Corrective Actions that are the Child records from the selected Categories and populate the line items for the report?

The populated line items would be permanent data records on the Correction Plan.


Thanks for any answers/suggestions