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Adding records to a portal in the portal

Question asked by FilmUser on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by FilmUser

I have an Items Table with fields for a Primary Key, a unique item number, other attributes,
etc. Also is a field in this table for the Drawer Number for the location in which it is stored.

They are stored in Drawers, the other table, with fields for a Primary Key, Drawer Number,

I have a relationship that matches the Drawer Numbers.

Items: Drawer Number<<>>Drawers: Drawer Number

I have a portal in the Drawers table which displays the related item records. One of the
fields in this portal is the unique item number in the Items table. I can assign Drawer Numbers in the Items table records and they appear in the portal. All good so far.

But I want to, from within the portal, create portal records by entering the unique Item number into the next record in the portal. This would save time with the workflow we currently have.

I’m missing something, though. I’ve used join tables to do similar things but always for a many to many relationship. This will be only a many (items) to one (drawer). I tried checking the box in the relationship allowing Creating Records in the Item table, but it does that, creates a new (extra) record. I just want to create the portal records from within the portal with the Item numbers.