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FM GO 16 doesn't show unindexed calculation fields

Question asked by GeertThijs on Dec 19, 2017
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FileMaker Pro Advanced 16

FileMaker Webserver 16

FileMaker Go 16


I've a awkward problem and hope anyone knows how to solve it.

- I made two databases (one for data and one for the interface and connect them via a Data Source (FileMaker).

- Local on my Mac the databases are working fine: all unindexed calculations fields are working properly.

- The same databases on a FileMaker Webserver are working fine too on my iPad with Filemaker Go 16.

- But when I stored this database locally on the iPad, the calculations fields don't work anymore and are empty.

- When I make a runtime-version of the same databases and store both the .fmpur files local on my iPad then the calculation fields are again working properly.


It's beyond my comprehension.


Thanks in advanced for having a suggestion.