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Data from two tables on one chart

Question asked by RyanAshton on Dec 19, 2017
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I am an FMP novice.


I am trying to get the data from two different tables to display - either on the same chart or on two charts on the same layout (I have figured out a way to add transparency so that one can see the data from both charts) - but on one chart would be better.


The first table (Training stats) shows training sessions I've done (running, cycling and swimming).  Each session has a date and a length (in time).  The other table (Training schedule) has the days of the week where I can change the amount of training that I want to do on any particular day.  Essentially "Training schedule" is what I want to do and "Training stats" is what I actually did - last week.


I have a Calculation Field on "Training stats" that shows the names of the days from last week of days that I did training on with the calculation:


If ( Week  <  Get ( CurrentDate ) - Mod ( Get (CurrentDate) - 1 ; 7)  and Week  ≥  Get ( CurrentDate ) - Mod ( Get (CurrentDate) - 1 ; 7) - 8 ; DayName ( Date ) ; "" )



I want the graph to show:


Mon - Tues - Wed - Thurs - Fri - Sat - Sun


with the stats from each table on it.


Any ideas how I can do this?


Thanks for your help.



Mery Xmas,